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I HELP PEOPLE EARN BITCOIN ONLINE! My passion is to HELP you and your family accomplish the GOALS you have. Whatever they may be: A mortgage payment A new car Private school for your kids That dream vacation An extra $1k to $3k a month To quit your job and work from home be with your family Build a sustainable passive income from your business that grows each month Whatever it is that drives you, I want to help you get there! LOVE AND LIVE AND TRAVEL. FREEDOM!!!$$$

How to Start Your Own Bitcoin Business

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If you are serious about building up your crypto portfolio every day by $100 to $300 a day… this system is for you!

Being a crypto entrepreneur starts with a DECISION… and a commitment 

Over the course of our free 90 day crypto currency bootcamp you’re going to learn the exact steps it takes to go from a crypto wannabe to a bonafide crypto super star. There’s no archaic and outdated “crypto plan” here… instead, you’ll be laying the foundation for your bitcoin business that isn’t hypothetical or built on wild assumptions and projections. At the end of this Bootcamp you’ll have a real business ready for your first 12 customers or bitcoin clients. Here’s what you’re going to learn in the upcoming modules: 

• How to get your hands on our crypto marketing cheat sheet for your bitcoin business in the exciting travel industry (this document is so powerful that you’ll go from having a fuzzy business idea to knowing exactly where the market gaps are that will be profitable for you from month one) 

• How the Results in our Crypto Timeline strategy helps you to command premium prices… regardless of what product or service you sell (this is the strategy that alone has turned businesses into six-figure success stories) 

• The secrets behind product/service positioning used by the top entrepreneurs in the world, and how to “stack” your offer in a way that gets prospective customers and clients to say YES without needing to be salesy (by doing this, your product or service will be positioned as a no-brainer in your industry, meaning you won’t have to convince or beg people to buy your stuff… they’ll ask YOU how to buy!) 

• Exactly how to become magnetic in your market and go from a complete unknown to viewed as THE go-to person or company in your industry (once you become magnetic, people will come to YOU, saving you from ever having to “network” or chase after people) 

• The building blocks and mechanics of your entrepreneurial ecosystem and hub to become omnipresent in your industry (if you get this right, your entire business and sales process falls into place… leading to rapid growth) 

But first, your business starts with YOU.

Entrepreneurship is not just a
profession… it’s a lifestyle

The Crypto Lifestyle

If you look at the life of any crypto entrepreneur (or any person, for that matter), everything in their life is intentional. Six-pack abs don’t happen by mistake, just like running a successful business and enjoying a happy life doesn’t happen by mistake.
You’re not becoming a crypto entrepreneur so that you find yourself in yet another job that you don’t enjoy, so it’s important up front to be clear on the life and type of business that you want to run.
If you don’t take the time to write down what you want and set the intentions for the life you want to create for yourself, you’ll quickly find yourself living someone else’s dream… or your own nightmare. Today we’re going to focus on YOU so that we can lay the groundwork for YOUR dream business and dream life.

Being a crypto entrepreneur isn’t always glamorous. Back in 2012 I was running a business that I was trapped in. I was working 80+ hour weeks, I had a bunch of clients that I didn’t enjoy working with, and I dreaded every time my phone rang or an email popped up.
Now, my business is setup in a way that I am able to travel the world whenever I want to wherever I want, I don’t take impromptu phone calls, I get to play tennis in the middle of the day, and I bike to Venice Beach at 2pm nearly every day. Take the time to design your dream life now before you end up living one you don’t want.

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